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An Experience for Everyone

We have carefully crafted experiences and activities that are perfectly suited to families friends and couples. Simply choose what feels right for you. You may wish to challenge yourself or just kick back and enjoy the slow life on board or ashore.

An opportunity to swim with manta rays, turtles and even sea horses among coral that is plentiful and alive, in some of the world’s most beautiful crystal-clear waters.

All from the comforts of your own yacht. The waters of Indonesia are literally teeming with life. And with so much of that life just under the surface, snorkelling is a wonderfully accessible choice for everyone. Discover corals of colours and formations that only exist in the underwater world. Or come face to face with hundreds of vibrant and varied fish or even turtles, sharks, mantas and seahorses. Our very able crew shall make sure you and your guests are well-looked after onboard as well as under water!

Above the surface there is a whole world of natural flora and fauna to discover.  
Wildlife Spotting

Slow down and connect with nature. Take the paddle board and go bird watching. See thousands of bats come alive at sunset and shadow the sky. Spot majestic komodos, which seem from another era. Feed adorable deer on a deserted beach and site lone birds such as eagles gliding by.

Hiking & Trekking
The volcanic islands of Komodo, Lombok, Sumbawa and Bali inspire adventure. Trek for 10 minutes or an hour and discover vantage points that literally take your breath away. This is a country of contrasts and rugged beauty.

Many of islands we pass and explore are mostly uninhabited, untouched and protected from any sort of tourism-related development. The gentle contours and arid terrain make for ideal explorations by foot. Guided by members of our crew, here is an opportunity for you to ‘go where no man has ever gone before'.

You are in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and yet the crystalline waters around you are so calm and still... ideal conditions for wake-boarding! We offer you the gear and our well-powered tender for a little rush of adrenaline. 

Our custom designed “skochi” or tender is ready for you. Mornings and sunsets are best to glide on still waters in secluded coves on our wakeboard or a longboard for a gentle ride. Kids love it and so do beginners. Our able crew is there for you.

Treasure Hunt
for Kids
The islands around you are some of the oldest lands to be found in the world - explorers, traders, indigenous tribes, fugitives have all been passing through these waters on the spice trails of the past centuries... so it makes perfect sense that there would be treasure chests to be discovered by the pirates onboard Splendour! 

Everyone wants to find a hidden treasure under the sea or on a deserted beach! Our specially designed treasure hunts get your kids activated. We encourage kids to use their minds, find new skills and work as a team if needed!  Hunts as challenging as needed depending on the age and ability of the group. Parents can sit back or come along for the adventure.